A silver-mounted triptych icon painted with the Virgin Mary within a seed pearl border flanked by St. Sophia (left) and St. Mathew (right) - signed Fabergé, initials of workmaster Karl Gustav Hjalmar Armfeldt, assay mark of St. Petersburg 1908-1917, 88 (zolotnik), length 6 1/2 inches (16.5 cm). A penciled inscription on the back of the icon reads: Blessing from an old friend. Z.Y./August 21, 1913/From Princess Zenaide Youssoupoff.
Provenance: Presented by Princess Zenaide Youssoupoff to Prince Mathias and Princess Sophie Cantacuzène on the occasion of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, 1913; Dino Yannopoulos, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The FORBES Magazine Collection, New York. All rights reserved.


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